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Marilyn Manson

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manson ring  manson ring 2

Back in 1998 we had a phone call from somebody asking if Marilyn Manson could visit our studio to commission a ring for his initiation into the Church of Satan. We arranged an appointment, partially uncertain whether this was a hoax but also aware that we attract a lot of unusual clients.

Sure enough a few days later he turned up in a limo with his entourage. He'd just come from Philip Treacy, where he'd commissioned a hat. He was extremely polite and sat quietly studying our portfolio of designs. Eventually he picked out several items that had elements he liked and we put together a design for him. Sadly all we have is these two grainy, pre-digital photos of the ring before it was set. in retrospect we should have had our picture taken with him too, but we were trying to act cool.

We made a replica using a piece of amber. You can see the details a bit better on this.

mm ring 1

Eventually the ring evolved and with the addition of taxidermy cat eyes became the Baphomet ring in our Cabinet of Curiosities collection.

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